Are you tired of the generic off-the-rack suits that are just never what you’re looking for? Or maybe you have a specific suit in mind and it turns out that somebody got the last one? Well at R.W. Furr Clothiers, you never have to worry about that again! Rex’s custom suits in Dallas, TX offer an extensive selection of the finest fabrics in the world! Rex has set the standard for quality garments and developing “winning” wardrobes for men of rank and responsibility.

Your Personal Tailor

We recognize the difference of every office environment, so we apply the dress criteria that you set out. Using only the finest fabrics in a wide variety of shades, we can create the perfect sports coat and slacks combination to fit your body and occasion.We have a wide variety and selection of sports coats and slacks in Dallas, TX to fit any occasion! No matter where you are going, we can help you arrive in style and in control.

Power for Every Environment

Our brilliantly sewn and crafted clothing is guaranteed to turn heads when you walk into the room. Our professional clothiers specialize in finding the perfect sports coats and slacks in Dallas, TX for you. We work at your convenience. We consult directly with our clients in order to develop a common understanding of what it is exactly that you need as well as what you are looking for. Our tailors and clothiers work tirelessly to produce the perfect article of clothing for you. We can help you can find just what you have been searching for. We put our clients front and center. We strive to put you into the elite 5% of men who are aware of their image as projected through their clothing.  If you are looking for the perfect combination of sports coats and slacks in Dallas, TX, stop by R.W. Furr Clothiers today!