Personal Tailor in Dallas, TX

What you wear tells a lot about you, and this is important for the people in the business and corporate sector. One should always dress to impress and having a personal style is essential to define your personality and make a fashion statement. Wearing tailor made personalized clothes is the best way to dress because it adds a fashionable flair to your style. Having Rex Furr as your personal tailor in Dallas, TX is the best choice you could make because of the expertise he has to guide and direct you in selecting the right fabrics and colors most complimentary to you.

The Best Way To Dress

When having a tailor like Rex, you can get the best clothes that are a perfect fit for you without any extra fabric or loose sleeves that look unprofessional. The quality of the clothes is also a huge difference compared to off-the-rack clothes. Using a machine to make your clothes makes the suit so generic and bland, but when you have Rex making your clothes, he pays more attention to the details that are so much better than machines. At R.W. Furr Clothiers, we use the finest lining available, cut by hand, and carefully sew it in with 22 stitches per inch. Our shirts are never fused together, which reduces shrinkage. Single-needle French seams create a smooth, high-quality look and feel. Four-hole, English-rim, mother-of-pearl buttons are cross-stitched for strength and durability. Are you convinced yet?

Let Us Serve You

Tailors aren’t just for the rich and famous. Hiring Rex as your personal tailor in Dallas, TX will make you one of the the elite 5% of men who are aware of their image as projected through their clothing and we can guarantee that you’ll never go back to the rack! Call us today and wear the best clothes made by the best tailor!