Custom Men’s Neckwear in Dallas, TX

A necktie is often compared to a man’s signature as the definitive expression of one’s personal taste. It conveys subtle messages about your background and social status and provides clues about your habits and character and our custom men’s neckwear in Dallas, TX convey just that. We also make formal wear accessories like bow ties and cummerbunds from the same material as the facing on the coat so it all matches.


A suit is a timeless look that demands respect, but the tie is pretty much one of the variable that really pulls the entire suit together and earns respect. If there’s anything that demands respect, it’s confidence and when confidence is worn with a tie, it gets elevated to the next level. Nothing says sharp dressed like a carefully selected necktie. People that dress well are often catered to more by the assumption they’re deserving.

Bow Ties

There are many ways to tie your bow tie. There’s the butterfly, the big butterfly, the batwing, the diamond tip, the club round, and probably even a few more. But when you think of a bowtie, you’re probably thinking of the butterfly. One of the most common places you’ll see a bow tie is at formal events. A bow tie symbolizes that you put thought into your outfit and you want to command attention.


Scarves have been a staple accessory for both function and fashion purposes for centuries. There are different scarves for different purposes such as for cold weather, formal wear, or just because. Scarves come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional rectangular scarves to the square scarf to the infinity scarf. Styling your scarf is a big determinant for the length of the scarf.

Get Some Respect

Our custom men’s neckwear in Dallas, TX  is not only made from the best tailor in Texas but is also made from the best material in the world. Call us today to get your fashionable and stylish neckwear with us!