Custom Tuxedos in Dallas, TX

Trying to get that elegant and sophisticated look that fits just right? We could help you get that look you’re looking for with our custom tuxedos in Dallas, TX! You’ll never get “that” look by going to a tailor, but you’ll definitely get the look you’re looking for with R.W. Furr Clothiers.

Quality Tuxedos For The Quality Man

Going to a tailor, getting measured, and waiting to get your suit made may sound like a pain, but think about what you’d be doing otherwise. Off-the-rack tuxedos are all made in generic sizes, so you’ll end up trying on various suits until you get the right one but it’s still not perfect. But, when you get one of our custom tuxedos in Dallas, TX, you’ll never have to worry about getting an acceptable tuxedo because you’ll be getting the perfect tuxedo. Our tuxedos will be like wearing a second skin but only better because our custom made tuxedos perfectly capture the particular contours of your body and accentuate your best features. You’ll never have to worry about the loose ends and uncomfortable sizes with a custom tuxedo made by R.W. Furr Clothiers.

Get Personal With It

Have you ever bought an off-the-rack tuxedo with the specific styles in the exact color you want? We bet you haven’t. Our custom tuxedos in Dallas, TX give you the unlimited styles in whatever color you want! The only work you have to do is tell Rex what exactly it is you want on your tuxedo and how you want it to fit and he tells you the cost and time it will be ready. Your time is always valuable to Rex and he ensures that you get it the day and time you want. Our tuxedos tend to last longer and wear and tear is less than off-the-rack tuxedos. They look better too.

Look and Feel Your Best!

When you get a custom made tuxedo with us, you never have to worry about wearing poor quality and feeling uncomfortable. Feel the R.W. Furr difference and you’ll never return back to the rack! Call us today and wear the best tuxedo made by the best tailor!