Custom Suits in Dallas, TX

Are you tired of the generic off-the-rack suits that are just never what you’re looking for? Or maybe you have a specific suit in mind and it turns out that somebody got the last one? Well at R.W. Furr Clothiers, you never have to worry about that again! Rex’s custom suits in Dallas, TX offer an extensive selection of the finest fabrics in the world! Rex has set the standard for quality garments and developing “winning” wardrobes for men of rank and responsibility.

Your Personal Tailor

Rex will spend time making sure that you are receiving the specific features you are going to want on your suit. In addition, you will learn the finer points of dress in the selection of shirts and ties. Staying up to date with all the current trends is also important. An investment in your wardrobe is an investment in your future because the way you look today will determine how others will consider you in the future. Rex also has 44 years of experience, so you never have to worry about getting a sloppy job with Rex. He is always guiding and directing you in selecting the right fabrics and colors most complimentary for you. The measurements will always be taken by Rex and will always be correct due to his experience and expertise.

Power of Custom Clothing

Every man has something important to sell: himself. Nevertheless, only the top 10% take full advantage of the persuasive power of clothing. The most powerful business tool you can utilize is not measured in gigabytes or horsepower; it is simply understanding the edge that comes from adorning oneself with discernment. From the boardroom to the courtroom, R.W. Furr Clothiers takes you to that higher level with our custom suits in Dallas, TX.

Get the R.W. Furr Look

Men usually think that when they step up in clothing, they have to stand out, which is never the goal. What we do at R.W. Furr Clothiers is changing the way you look and present you with our clothing but in a very modest way so that people have a general impression that you are more competent. Get your custom suit in Dallas, TX with us to give you that great first impression!