Custom Blazers in Dallas, TX

Today we are witnessing the resurgence of the well-dressed man, and the blazer is at the center of his rebirth. Flexibility is the key to the perfect coat. Custom blazers in Dallas, TX made by R.W. Furr Clothiers fills the crucial gap between formal and casual: they look just as great with jeans and a t-shirt as they do with a pair of slacks and a dress shirt.

The Fabric

Over the past three decades, we’ve learned a lot about fabrics and the people who make them. The R. W. Furr Clothiers philosophy on fabric for blazers is consistent. We only deal with the very top mills producing the finest quality with the best reputation. Most of our fabric comes from England, Italy, Switzerland, and France. We visit these mills so that we can keep our customers abreast of upcoming style changes and advise them accordingly up to 18 months before they’re reflected in the stores. Our custom blazers in Dallas, TX offer timeless styling and quality that will take you from work to play and back again.


The common denominator among all savvy dressers is an appreciation of taste and quality. Only the finest materials made in the traditions of classic tailoring avoid the perils of changing fashion. Our philosophy has always been: let the clothing do the talking. Assembly materials are the best we can procure and all aspects of hand tailoring are applied for the highest quality possible for smooth and reliable wear. All our energy and effort are directed toward making clothing that fits better, looks better, and feels better than any comparably priced garment available anywhere.

Look Subtle Yet Powerful

Whatever you look you want for your blazer can be made with R.W. Furr Clothiers. With an assortment of custom blazers in Dallas, TX from R. W. Furr, you not only have the power to look your best, you also have the power to be your best. Call us today!