One can argue back and forth all day: “rules are there for a reason” or “rules are meant to be broken.” But before taking a side in the debate, it’s prudent to know what is behind the rules. Then we’ll know when and how to break rules-and when not to.

  1. Rules teach the basics. This is true in any field, from math to medicine; from painting to packaging design. If you are too new to a field to have a firm grasp of the essentials of the matter, go by the rules.
  2. Rules deliver specific benefits. Once you understand how following the rule benefits you, you can decide if you want those benefits or not. A vehicle’s mileage-per-gallon estimate (or rule) benefits the driver with information about how soon to seek a gas station for refilling.
  3. Rules can conflict with other rules. Conflicting rules can both be desirable and lead to good results. When that happens, you may choose to follow the rule that gives you the specific outcome you desire and break the rule that doesn’t. For your wardrobe choices, should you follow the sartorial rules that help you create a creative or conservative image? Easy-going or somber? Which rule you’ll follow will depend on what you’re trying to achieve for your image.

When you know the rules governing clothing, what their benefits are, and what you value, you can make educated choices instead of following without knowing why-or why not-to break or keep rules.

“Things just need to fit naturally. Fashion’s more about feel than science.”  


– Pharrell Williams


Ultimate: (adj.) uncommon, highest or best, final
When you’re looking for an ultimate experience, by definition it will be rare and nearly unattainable.
Ultimate clothing must be clothing no one else owns. That’s exactly what your custom wardrobe is: a luxury specific to you and only you. The fit, fabric, styling and details are yours to decide.

You’re able to communicate precisely the message you choose, which gives you ultimate control over your image. With virtually unlimited options for creating your signature style, you can create the ultimate look each day. Working with a custom clothier lets you decide if you’d like to change your look with the seasons or current fashions, or create a timeless style that lasts decades.

Ultimately, it’s all yours to choose with custom clothing.