Dressing well is less a matter of “making a statement” than it is creating elegance through simplicity. A few key points will help you on your way to sartorial success.

The detailing on your clothing matters, as it shows your careful attention to the essentials. Your custom attire allows you to choose details that work perfectly with your physique, your personality, your profession, and your sense of style and because they’re tailored just for you, your clothes will always offer you an impeccable fit.

Today’s clothing strategy seems to be to dress as casually as the occasion will allow but that’s never a recipe for being well-dressed. Instead, select an outfit that is slightly dressier than the occasion requires. Each interaction with peers is an opportunity to create a favorable impression. That’s easier to accomplish when you have the confidence that custom-tailored clothing naturally inspires.

To avoid spending unnecessary time in your closet each morning, create wardrobe pieces you can mix and match easily. Colors that look good on you tend to look good with each other, so careful selection of wardrobe staples can save you time when dressing.

With these principles in mind, your ensemble is sure to create a great impression in any crowd.

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance. “

 – Arthur Ashe


Question: Why is the bottom button of my suit coat supposed to be left undone?

Answer:  It may seem like the kind of rule that sprang from a long-standing convention of style whose origins and rationale have been largely forgotten today, such as the stripe on tuxedo trousers or the band on a fedora, but that’s not the case here.

The lowest button on a two- or three-button suit coat is generally left unbuttoned for functional reasons: to allow your comfort when you sit, to avoid bunching up when you move your arms, and to accommodate any girth that may have accumulated since your youth.

Alternately, many coats are designed with a single decorative button. These are to be worn open-buttoning the coat could pull and misshape the fabric.